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Knowing and loving each other was the most natural thing that could happen to us. Equally natural is the desire to tell us and to give information about what we are, as well as the desire to give voice to what we have always studied and loved. First the Asperger Way page was born and then the blog.
With the blog we wanted a space only ours, easily consulted and in which we could share all our knowledge, our abilities and our talents.

Ilaria, a child and an adultILARIA
Born between rice and mosquitoes, in the heart of the Po Valley, she has shown a clear aptitude for visual arts since she was a child.
At races and group games he preferred his room, pencils, paper and colors. In his world of animals, landscapes and fantastic stories, only a few could enter.
Not inclined to talk, on the contrary, he practically didn't speak a word outside the home, only as an adult will he discover that his was not an extremist shyness, but selective mutism.
Unable to make friends like other children, but conscious of hearing, seeing and understanding things incomprehensible to most, she was convinced that she had paranormal powers or had fallen from some alien planet. Years later he discovered he was simply Autistic.
To make it emerge from his world, only his Lucky cat, horses and assisting in injustices towards the weakest succeeded.
Only after an adolescence in seclusion as an accounting and programming student will he be convinced to follow a course of study linked to his true passion: art.
The turning point comes therefore with the transfer to Turin to study cinema and communication. There he begins to understand the world outside and build social relationships. Only afterwards a work in constant contact with the public will allow it to be totally confused with the rest of the world, albeit with the weight that all this required.
The encounter with Asperger's Syndrome, the Asperger Tribe project first, and Simone, then, will give her the strength and courage to tell and tell about herself through what have always been her passions and her studies.

Simone, child and adultSIMONE
It sees the light in the heart of Romagna and grows with milk and cappelletti. Chiacchierone, incapable of standing still and distracting from the beating of mosquito wings, was the classic child "intelligent, but who did not apply himself".
Hypersensory, with relationship difficulties, he was always ready to defend the weakest. To the soccer ball, much followed by his peers, he preferred physics and all the mechanisms that were behind things. Thanks also to this he soon realized that he was different from the average.
Only now far from school desks will he discover that he is a (almost lethal) mix of ADHD and Asperger.
The chaos, the noise and the party soul of the Romagna Riviera did not belong to him, but in spite of himself he found himself living them. Late adolescence and youth see it as part of that world, but deep down he felt inside himself the feeling of being out of place. But worldliness helped him to study the neurotypical world and try to adapt to it. In his dreams, however, there was always the search for silence and a life more in contact with nature and reflexivity.
Creative technician passionate about the internet, he worked for many years in contact with the public, but simplicity was not for him and his job had become an "excuse" to study sustainability and plant engineering applied to homes.
The encounter with Asperger's Syndrome first and then with Ilaria will give him the strength to tell and tell about himself, spreading also the verb of environmental sustainability and the well-being that only contact with nature can give.