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Asperger Way - Ilaria and Simone
We are Ilaria and Simone, two aspie traveling. We are a couple that has become known and recognized thanks to Asperger's Syndrome. This blog is our journey of life, the union of our passions and our abilities. It is our dream, our project. It is a traveling story made up of stories, places, tastes and people. It is the search for different thinking in the artistic, artisan and environmental fields, but also an opportunity to talk about the life of us people in the Autistic Spectrum without prejudice and stereotypes. We would like to tell you through our eyes the Beauty that many times cannot be seen, but that can hide in the details and in those who do not make noise. Welcome!
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THE COURAGE TO CHANGE LIFE. Maurizio, Rosella and the trays of Montetiffi

Maurizio and Rosella have left a life as a permanent job to become the last artisans of pancakes for piadinas. Beyond the noise of maritime and festive Romagna there are them that show us a humanity not yet lost. Meeting Maurizio and Rosella is a privilege, be assured. Their home, laboratory and hub of their entire world is located not far from Rimini and the Romagnola Riviera. Climb the hills, leave the crowded beaches behind you for a day and visit them it's worth it. Among greenery, silence and breathtaking landscapes, there is this brave couple who with a smile will show you that job that if they had not chosen to continue would have been lost. In this video we do tell their story, but also some tricks to use the pan and ... make a real piadina! Le Teglie di Montetiffi, Via Montetiffi-Ville 79, Sogliano al Rubicone (FC). Tel. 0541940708. . Facebook page: If you can't reach them soon, you can buy the trays here: To not miss any of our updates follow us on Facebook: on our SITE and on Instagram:

ASPERGER THEATER! Alias ​​by Giovanni Morandini, the alien who breaks down stereotypes

Do you think all Aspergers are lost between numbers, astrophysics and science? Wrong! To prove Giovanni Morandini that with Alias ​​breaks down the stereotypes, tells his world and shows his artistic talent! "Alias, Cronache dal Pianera Asperger" is the theatrical show written and performed by Giovanni Morandini. 28 years, graduated in Literature and Philology at the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice with 110 and honors, he also distinguished himself within the University as a radio host and actor of the theater company. Commedia dell'Arte student at the L'Avogaria school, since he was a child he has shown his passion for the arts, literature and above all the stages. "Alias" was born during an internship at Rai Radio Tre, there Daria Corrias, host of "Tre soldi", proposed to create an audio documentary about her experience in editing and her neurodiversity. Success is assured, so much so that the program has been a champion of auditions and a finalist in the prestigious international Prix Italia competition. Giovanni is the obvious demonstration that to imagine the Aspergers solely dedicated to science and mathematics is pure stereotype, in his case they are subjects in which he has always labored. Apparently shy, it is enough to go on stage to show all his histrionic nature and his innate communicative talent. He has also recently distinguished himself during the Spazio Asperger event in Milan for World Syndrome Day with a standing ovation performance. "Alias, Chronicles from the Asperger Planet" © Giovanni Morandini - Short films of the show: realization and direction of Paolo Mezzalira Alias ​​Facebook page - Giovanni Morandini: To not miss any of our updates follow us on Facebook: and on Instagram: and on our WEBSITE https //

WE ARE ASPERGER! ADULT DIAGNOSIS, our history. Autistic Spectrum.

World Autism Day. In this video we thought we could talk about ourselves, our story, because, like so many other people, the one after the 2 April doesn't end. We are a couple in the Autistic Spectrum (Asperger's Syndrome, in our case), both diagnosed as adults. After a life of difficulty and misunderstanding we have given many answers to our questions. Here we tell ourselves a little in general, for the first time in a video.
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