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Gravellona Lomellina: in Lombardy the land of art and nature as if by magic!

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hen mill street art

Not far from Milan, in the heart of the province of Pavia, there is a country between streets art, natural parks and initiatives will amaze you with its Beauty. A hidden treasure not to be missed!

The courage to change life. Maurizio, Rosella and the happiness of small things

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Rosella and Maurizio smile

Maurizio and Rosella left a life of safety and a fixed place to become the last artisans of pancakes for piadinas. Beyond the noise of maritime and festive Romagna there are them that show a humanity not yet lost.

Giorgione Orto e Cucina: discovering restaurant and farm holidays

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placeholder and Giorgione watches

Who following his transmission on the Gambero Rosso, never wanted to go and visit him for enjoy a genuine atmosphere, but at the same time "Dirty and corrupt"?


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