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Giorgione Orto e Cucina: discovering restaurant and farm holidays

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Who following his transmission on the Gambero Rosso, never wanted to go and visit him for enjoy a genuine atmosphere, but at the same time "Dirty and corrupt"?

placeholder and Giorgione watches

We after years of "tonsil melts" we did the en plein! Restaurant, Agriturismo and Antonelli Winery with a guided tour by Giorgio in person!

Giorgione's generosity and "Alla via di mezzo" dinner

Our stay included two nights at the agriturismo, dinner on site and "Alla via di mezzo" in Montefalco (PG), Giorgione's historic restaurant.
The dinner "At the Middle Way" we booked it well in advance. In reality if you go in the week like us you can stay less loose, if instead you choose the weekend we advise you to organize everything at least 2-3 months before.
Il restaurant "Alla via di mezzo" (Here our review) it is found at Montefalco (PG), one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, nestled among vineyards and olive groves, it is located about twenty minutes from the agriturismo. Montefalco is home to high quality oil and Sagrantino wine.
It is compulsory to arrive earlier to make a walking tour in the village, to stroll among the suggestive medieval walls and to the wonderful churches, including that of San Francesco and the one dedicated to Santa Chiara della Croce.


To do the honors in the room besides the waitress has arrived Giorgio in person who introduced himself as each of us would expect ... eating! To impress us with her kindness, affability and the fact that she wasn't there no distance between the innkeeper and the "TV personality", clothing included.
Giorgione "Giorgio Barchiesi" is just like that, histrionic, cultured and always ready to spend with his guests despite the fatigue confirmed by himself "I am standing since dawn".
He tells us about the buffet and we, amid the excitement and that little bit of dyspraxia typical of our being Asperger, manage to do some minor damage, but as a true gentleman he doesn't even notice. From that moment on, the emotion will make room for the feeling of "Feel at home" and be at ease. There will be exchanges of words, from the origin of the products, to his "do not do me is '' n thought" used as an invitation not to "compliment", and to point out to him that finally on a first course you could see the famous guanciale, "I could exempt myself?" will be his answer in full Giorgione-style.
Spending an evening in his restaurant is like being immersed in his story, in his memories, in what he loves and generously offers to us guests.
In case you decide to go there, if you can do like us, go there in the week, there will be less "crowd" and you can enjoy this atmosphere in all its fullness. Be clear, places are limited, you won't find a covered 500 room, but a place that even at maximum capacity results collected.
During the booking it will be enough to ask if there will be Giorgio or not, in principle it is in the area quite often.
After our lavish dinner we returned to the farm, while with Giorgione we arranged to meet in the following days for a chat.

At the middle of the road, taste the appetizer

Stay at the agriturismo!

Theagriturismo "Villa Selva Country House" (Here our review) as for surprises it is not far behind. We have been there before Christmas and therefore always in the period of least affluence, surely if you are looking for even more tranquility we recommend the less peak periods. Embraced by the Umbrian hills, it lies between breathtaking views and partially narrow streets. The structure can only be reached by car, but your eyes and your heart will thank you.
Maria, Giuseppe and the staff boys they made us feel "pampered". Always ready to joke or have a chat, as in the style of their famous father.
The structure is cozy, rustic and comfortable with a breakfast exactly as you would expect, casual, with homemade cakes and with the very nice staff guy ready to entertain and tell anecdotes.
The farm as well as allowing you to admire the wounded, but brave and fascinating Umbrian landscape, is located in a useful area for visiting places and charming villages. We have easily achieved Bevagna, spello, Montefalco e Assisi.

panorama Todi Montefalco Villa Selva

Quality food for an authentic journey through the flavors!

Just as one cannot do without the dinner "At the middle road", in the same way it cannot be done with the one at the agritourism. There menu formula it is the same as that of Montefalco, the delicacies are extraordinary and Giuseppe's kitchen, chef, worthy son of Giorgio (both for his liking and his ability in the kitchen), who has definitely made our tonsils melt!
What you will find in a living room like this will be exactly what you expect watching TV: genuine food, local, product and cooked with love both for those who savor it and for the dishes themselves! A path through tastes that we may have even forgotten. The best cheeses and cured meats, delicious traditional appetizers, full-bodied first courses that taste like feasts and on Sundays, not inflated and free-range meat.

Giorgione surprise guide, as in an episode of "Orto e cucina"!

The last day of our stay was perhaps the most special one. With Giorgione we had promised ourselves to have a chat as soon as he found a few minutes. The occasion arrived the morning of our departure and the meeting place was the Antonelli Winery, an organic wine and oil production company belonging to his wife's family.
Together with another couple, on their honeymoon, the legendary gave us a guided tour of the cellars telling us the history of wines like the Sagrantino DOCG and Sagrantino Passito ALWAYS DOCG, a sweet wine and award-winning excellence of the Winery to be tested absolutely!
The morning continued with tasting of ALL the wines. You won't believe it, but we didn't feel the shock and after that we were a wonder! Surely the enthusiasm has helped, but even more the high quality of the Bacchus drink.

This adventure was the culmination of a small dream that we both cultivated for a few years, as well as a real experience of knowledge and discovery of places, foods and traditions.
We would like to know what you think, if you follow the host of the Gambero Rosso or you have been doing some tests by him. Tell us about it in the comments!
Instead, as far as we and Giorgione are concerned ... it does not end here!

Useful contacts:
At the middle ground - Via Santa Chiara from Montefalco 52, Montefalco (PG). Tel 0742 362074
Villa Selva Country House - Via Loreto 1, Località Grutti, Gualdo Cattaneo (PG). Tel 0742 951321.
Antonelli San Marco Winery - Location San Marco 60, Montefalco (PG). Tel 0742 379158
Giorgione kitchen garden and kitchen - Gambero Rosso, 412 Sky channel