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"In the middle of the road" by Giorgione: How to feel at home!

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Giorgione Giorgio Barchiesi runs a restaurant where you can do enjoy the palate feeling at home and not emptying your wallet! We tell you from the appetizer to the dessert!

At the local middle way

The restaurant of one of the most popular and beloved protagonists of the Gambero Rosso (Sky) channel is located at Montefalco (PG), splendid Borgo embraced by hills, vineyards and olive trees.

Dinner is scheduled for 20, we arrived in Montefalco well in advance, so we walked around the town. The place definitely deserves a visit and like every corner of it Umbria gives a little healthy and rejuvenating Beauty.
The restaurant is located near the end of Via Santa Chiara da Montefalco, not far away, in Via Guglielmo Marconi, you will find a comfortable parcheggio free which you can reach by going through the entrance arch to the village.

At the crossroads, salami, cheeses

The restaurant is a 14th century structure that housed an oil mill and is warmly furnished. rustica, familiar. On the walls you can see here and there photos and portraits of Giorgione, all around objects and paintings that they know of memories of life and happy moments.
The tables are made of wood and the straw chairs, the simple crockery and the ceramic placemats, strictly chipped, make you think a grandmother might appear at any moment.
To do the honors Giorgione himself which is not a comma different from how it appears on TV, affable, ironic, in hand and always ready to do tests! He likes to call himself "host" and never a name was more appropriate. In addition to welcoming you and getting in your ease, during dinner you will be told repeatedly that everything is going well.

The menu is fixed. Buffet of appetizers, two first courses, two second courses, three desserts, all at only 29 euro drinks not included! Very welcome the tribute of the Sprout ecological pencil which, once finished, is planted to give life to an aromatic herb.
For the wines it can range from simple reds or whites of the house to excellences of the area like the Sagrantino di Montefalco. If your budget allows it, you absolutely must try it, otherwise a good Montefalco rosso from Cantina Antonelli will not disappoint you.

Watch the Buffet!

We come to the Buffet. Eye! Why? Certainly not because we didn't like it, indeed.
Distributed on a couple of tables in a room adjacent to the room, it impresses you with the variety, quality and care with which the products have been selected, in short, makes you fall in love at first sight!
Both the buffet and other courses vary depending on the season and from what the kitchen finds.
We have found one lard nothing short of exceptional, by Pata Negra, a combination of flavor and smoothness, it only glazed to look at it! Salami, capocollo, 'nduja, cheese local, Marche and French, including the gem of Pithiviers Foin to ash or hay. Stewed snails, lampredotto, tripe, delicious tomato soup, olives and pickles of all kinds.
To report the oil angle: bread bruschetta with tastings of high quality oils, from local to Sardinian ones.
Imagine yourself hungry * in the face of all this, well from God. What would you do? You would fill your plate at least a couple of times and you would like to taste everything just like we did! The result is being at a good point of satiety, but we have not let ourselves be intimidated and we continued!
* We recommend keeping you light for breakfast and lunch.

At the middle road Giorgione and buffet

Leaders and corrupt "without exaggerating"!

The former are exactly as you can imagine. Simple enough, genuine and home-style. We found strozzapreti with ragù and tagliatelle handmade with artichokes and the famous pillow ("Could I excuse myself?" Cit. Giorgione).
The pasta is served in holsters, but the portions are not excessive, the sauce is tasty, balanced and not heavy, so the dish can be "cleaned" even if you have exaggerated the buffet.
At that point you could say you are satisfied, able to get up from the table and go to the car, but it doesn't end here.

In between the first sweet second courses

Free-range second courses, desserts and final considerations

After the first course, i seconds with two side dishes. That evening for us guinea-fowl and roast pork shin. Excellent quality of the meat. Definitely of origin "free-range"And certainly not by large retailers. Here too, portions not overdone, well cooked meat, tasty and with a balanced dose of fat. As a side dish, excellent roast potatoes with notes of juniper berries and salad. At this point you might start to be tried, but if you have a sweet tooth you can't miss the dessert!

They served us as a finale three dessert tastings. A delicious and delicate ricotta and lemon cake, another with pears and the famous one Giorgione brownies, which will enchant chocolate lovers, but will make you understand that you could not really go further.
At that point, a good coffee and a coffee sack like the bitter Viparo, an Umbrian product, recommended by Giorgio himself is very welcome.

At this point you can say goodbye and, if you make it, reach the car or the hotel.
What will you get from this evening? Definitely much more than a "eaten". You will leave with the awareness of having been "pampered" by Giorgione himself in a journey to rediscover love for the tradition and the restaurant of the past, just like in the "Orto e Cucina" program.

Useful contacts:
At the Middle Way - Via Santa Chiara from Montefalco 52, Montefalco (PG). Tel 0742 362074
Giorgione - Vegetable garden and kitchen - Sky Gambero Rosso, 41 channel