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Autism and Asperger: 6 books to read!

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We often ask for reading tips to better understand the autistic condition or, specifically, that of Asperger's Syndrome. We have created a first list of 6 titles that have been useful to us and we believe should be read!

covers 3 autism books

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1 - "Neurotribù - The talents of autism and the future of neurodiversity"

Released in Italy in the 2016, it was written by Steve Silberman, an American journalist from Wired, who wanted to deepen the autism discourse intrigued by the increase in diagnosis in Silicon Valley.
Silberman carries out his research for many years by analyzing studies and stories. His journey into neurodiversity inevitably leads us to break up stereotypes (from refrigerator mothers to vaccines), to detach ourselves from the "classic" vision of autism and to begin to observe it and consider it as a resource and a variant of mankind. The author also highlights the concept that the real "cure" for autism lies in its recognition and in communities capable of supporting people and enhancing them.
The book flows pleasantly through historical data, but also and above all making us immerse into stories and anecdotes about neurodiverse people, described in a detailed and compelling manner. From the totally autistic family to Cavendish, the scientist who discovered electricity, but who saw his recognition downgraded due to social difficulties.
In our opinion one of the most beautiful books ever written on the subject. UNMISSABLE!
Ed. SLRW - Pag: 544

Buy here: "NeuroTribù. The talents of autism and the future of neurodiversity"

2 - "Sensory perceptions in autism and Asperger's Syndrome"

Written by Olga Bogdashina, teacher and researcher with a Masters in Autism, as well as president of the Autism Society of Ukraine, but also the mother of an autistic boy.
The scholar guides us through the particularities of the under of autistic people, analyzing different ways of perception, helping us to reread certain behaviors or "operations".
Just dwell on the senses can make easier to understand these differences and how much they influence the daily life of autistic people.
In addition to studies and explanations, the book is enriched with testimonies from the same autistic people, as always very useful for a greater understanding.
A fundamental book for parents, teachers, educators and for the same people in the spectrum!
Ed. Uovonero - Pag: 232

Buy here: "Sensory perceptions in autism and Asperger syndrome"

3 - “Think in images. And other testimonies of my autistic life "

Temple Grandin has written several books, but let's start from this text, one of our first readings and perhaps the most important written by the autistic professor / scientist.
Temple Grandin here tells its own uncommon way of thinking, by images, his perception of the world on a sensorial level and makes us go back over his own story. As you guide the reader through the mechanisms of his mind, on an instructive and fascinating journey.
The Grandin obviously speaks for itself, some may not find themselves in its perception of the world, but for others it could be really enlightening.
Useful for people in the spectrum, parents, teachers and for those who want to learn more about a different way of thinking.
Ed. Erickson - Pag: 240

Buy here: "Think in images. And other testimonies of my life as an autistic"

4 - "An alien in the yard" - Understanding students with Asperger's Syndrome

Written by Clare Sainsbury, autistically diagnosed at 20 years. The book covers its history and that of other people, focusing in particular on the school environment, lived by her in a not happy and "alien" way confined to a corner, precisely. In addition to providing useful information on Asperger, it helps us better discover a side of life that is often taken for granted, that of education.
Provides a valid help for teachers to watch through the eyes of these students , "Different" to parents and also to the Asperger people themselves, to gain even more awareness by re-reading their past.
Ed. Uovonero - Pag: 168

Buy here: "An alien in the courtyard"

5 - "Aspergirls" - Enhancing women with Asperger's syndrome and mild autism spectrum conditions: Infinite diversity

Written by Rudy Simone, Asperger woman, leads the reader through the world of autistic women (or rather, a part of them), often undiagnosed or more difficult to recognize than men. From childhood to adolescence, To romantic relationships and employment issue, Simone tells us about her world and that of other women whose testimonies have been collected in this book. The text is fluent and biographical / non-fiction, in short, you will not find a text with a pretense of a scientific treatise, but from which, however, it can incorporate many ideas and thoughts.
Many autistic women around the world have acknowledged themselves in this text that is considered a fundamental starting point to begin to understand each other. Also very useful to those who want to know a part of women in the spectrum.
Ed. Armando Editore - Pag: 224

Buy here: "Aspergirls. Enhance women with Asperger syndrome and mild autism spectrum conditions: Infinite diversity"

6 - "Survival Guide for People with Asperger Syndrome"

This small manual written by Marc Segar, Asperger boy unfortunately passed away a few years ago in an accident, it is the book to read when it becomes known of the autistic world.
Divided into macro topics that in turn unfold into small and useful pills, deals with what we face every day, from body language to tone of voice, to problems of socialization.
Inside there are useful keys to understanding some behaviors of Asperger people, in order to relate them to those of the average person.
The book is not easily available, we leave you various links so you can see the availability.
Ed. Book LEM - Pag: 80

Buy here: "Survival Guide for People with Asperger's Syndrome"