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Autistic Spectrum

What if I could make my autism disappear?

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face painted black and white and rainbow

It's hot, the contact with the clothes starts to bother me, I feel tight, the seams seem to oppress me.

I expand them, I try to stretch them. I would like to tear them up. I take away what I can take away.

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10 Things not to say to a person Asperger and the answers we would like to give

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Photo asparagus - We are all a bit asparagus!

How many times it has happened to you or your children, partners, etc. to hear these statements talking about Autism / Asperger?

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Alias, the alien who breaks down stereotypes and tells Asperger's Syndrome at the theater

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Giovanni Morandini

Do you think all Aspergers are lost between numbers, astrophysics and science? Wrong! To prove it Giovanni Morandini than with Alias breaks down stereotypes, tells his world and shows the his talent... artistic!

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Asperger's adult diagnoses: is it possible? The stages to follow and our history

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Simone glasses and Ilaria

Discovering Aspergers as adults is much easier than you think. We tell you our story, we give you some information about the tests and the diagnostic path!

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Can an Asperger person be independent and have a job?

(Reading time: 2 minutes)

Dr. Roberto Keller Autistic Spectrum Labor Independence Talent

Asperger people / in the Autistic Spectrum Light as they can manage a work, their own ambitions or their own talents?

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