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Asperger's is a family affair

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"Asperger's Syndrome is more heritable than classic autism." Reading this study (see link at the bottom of the article) the thought went to my grandfather, exactly as when I was diagnosed a few years ago and "we knew".

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Autistic School and Spectrum: not wrong, different!

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I would like this story to come to teachers, teachers and to all those who must guide us. Not always a different point of view is WRONG, we look at the person in front of us, we try to understand her and ask ourselves why she thinks differently from us. Perhaps we could be faced with a new concept: "not wrong, DIFFERENT".

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Being autistic: the fatigue of everyday life

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"You look tired." I hear it often. First I was offended, today I say: "I am tired". Living with an autism spectrum disorder means don't have filters. I live the world in a different way. Every day it takes an incredible amount of energy.

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Discover yourself as an autistic adult. What do you feel after the diagnosis?

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My path after the diagnosis was not not at all linear. After the initial enthusiasm it was dark, but comparing myself with other people I saw that it is more common than you think. I'll explain why.

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What if I could make my autism disappear?

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It's hot, the contact with the clothes starts to bother me, I feel tight, the seams seem to oppress me.
I expand them, I try to stretch them. I would like to tear them up. I take away what I can take away.


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