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10 Things not to say to a person Asperger and the answers we would like to give

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How many times it has happened to you or your children, partners, etc. to hear these statements talking about Autism / Asperger?

Photo asparagus - We are all a bit asparagus!

The Autistic Spectrum is varied, you know, and when it comes to Asperger, High Operation the reactions of the people around us can be the most disparate. Who does not believe it, who thinks it is an excuse, who gets scared or imagines it is contagious, who will activate the "welfare" mode, in short, there is something for anyone!
We then gathered some of the reactions that touched us closely and the answers that flashed in our heads in those moments!

  1. "Well, you don't seem autistic to me."
    Interesting, tell me what they teach you in the course of Neuropsychiatry at the University of the Road.

  2. "You can't be autistic, my cousin's great-uncle's cousin is autistic and doesn't look like you" (another graduate from the University of the Road).
    Luckily I met you and your diagnostic eye! I was already feeling bad about being autistic!

  3. "What do you want it to be, bad smells bother everyone, hold on!"
    Thank you! You are a magician, now I am better, really, it was enough to think about it!

  4. "Come on! We are all a little weird! It will be the fault of climate change! "
    Do you know you could be right? This sun is no longer what it used to be, I must have taken too much! You too, wear a hat when you leave the house!

  5. "So what are you? Driver? Asparagus? Haha! ".
    Do you know what a comedian has? Have you ever thought of giving yourself to the cabaret (of course, the only sweet that could listen to you)?

  6. "Ah, so you're sick."
    Yeah and now I'm going to become an actor and I will count everyone with my Autismooh!

  7. "Are you sure? Be careful because I think the doctors have tricked you into cheating you. "
    No, I guess you're wrong! Since they diagnosed me with Asl without paying a penny, I think they wanted to schedule me to experiment on me!

  8. "I'm sorry". Reaction after telling about his diagnosis, what it means and how it was a turning point in his life.
    Think of me how sorry for you! Come on, I'll make you a schemino, so it's simpler.

  9. "It's impossible, I've known you since you were a child, I would have noticed."
    Obvious! Don't you know that autism is a virus? I must have taken it last month during my trip to London, you know it can happen in these exotic places ...

  10. "Are you sure it's not one of your usual FIXES?"
    Look at me, look at me, look at me! MAKE FIXED!

We know well that it is not easy to interact and fight every day with those who may have little desire to understand and listen. We hope that in some way with a smile this article will make you understand how we feel!
Tell us here in the comments other situations that have happened to you!