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Gravellona Lomellina: in Lombardy the land of art and nature as if by magic!

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Not far from Milan, in the heart of the province of Pavia, there is a country between streets art, natural parks and initiatives will amaze you with its Beauty. A hidden treasure not to be missed!

hen mill street art

Lomellina is a region in the south of Lombardy and sees it in Vigevano his best known place.
Surrounded by fields, rivers and plains, it is an area of ​​Pavia perhaps not so popular, but absolutely from discover and admire with its beauties, its traditions and its flavors.
Today we want to tell you about Gravellona Lomellina, a gem that we discovered by chance during a passage in the area.

Reproductions of paintings on the street, witches on the roofs and electricity booths turned into faces

No corner of Gravellona that is not surprising. Become "Country of art" in the 1992 thanks to the idea of ​​the painter Luigi Regianini who proposed to celebrate painting through a perennial open-air exhibition. The town welcomed the idea, so houses, buildings and structures of the town turned into canvases for painters.
The paintings, unfortunately, were soon ruined (apart from a few), but the art festival remained and from year to year became more and more a real celebration of creativity.
A walk through the streets of the town will turn into a treasure hunt, there will be no glimpse or palace that will not surprise you.
Chimney sweeps and witches decorate the roofs, the street "zebras" become real zebras, electricity booths come to life and they become funny and sneaky faces. Simple traffic divider poles become a pretext to be enriched with color. There is no lack of symbols of tradition and local economy such as repainted tractors, sheep, cows, peasants.
For a few years the country has been further enriched thanks to reproductions of nineteenth-century paintings posted in every corner. One above all "Il bacio" by Hayez, which we saw inside a courtyard of a typical house in the area. These reproductions are accompanied by captions and become a pretext to get rich with a bit of art history.
We have been there several times, but with each step we discover something new!

path gravellona arch paintings

The Parco dei Tre Laghi between love for nature, enchantment and walks among the fireflies

Other noteworthy corners are the Palace and the family park Barbavara, still inhabited by nobles and accessible only during the Festival of Art.
If you can't be in the area for the party, but you won't be dry-mouthed as to natural views.
Near the Barbavara area you can enchant yourself, relax and soak in the Parco dei Tre Laghi.
A few years ago simple fields were transformed into a natural oasis composed of three lakes, in fact, green, plants and animals.
In addition to the nature inside you will find a picnic area (the table must be booked by paying the modest sum of 1 euros, a brilliant idea to avoid going blind), one for campers and one for games, canoe, reading area with books available and poultry. There is also a bar and dogs can of course enter!
The tireless work of the volunteers and the municipality makes this place realm of biodiversity, as well as the striking example that with good will and commitment it is possible to create areas of breath wherever you want.
On the occasion of the Art Festival we could make a night tour with the guides, illuminated only by thousands of fireflies (now rare insect) and it was extraordinarily exciting.

lake swans park

The Art Festival and the mayor cat

There is no doubt, Gravellona Lomellina is a municipality virtuous, imaginative and tireless. Initiatives and parties are always well organized and attract many people.
Starting with the Flower Festival to get to the most famous Art Festival, which is held every year on the first weekend of June.
For the occasion of the Art Festival the city is further decorated, the streets are filled with artisans, stalls, ancient crafts, typical dishes, medieval representations and guided tours are not missing.
The country is also noteworthy for the way they come animals respected. If you pass in common you won't struggle to come across cat mayor, Marina (heir of Pippi) a very sweet cat that, like her colleague, was recovered on the street and now "also celebrates weddings!
Still with regard to animals there is another initiative to report: the educational farm! Of which, however, we will talk about it soon in another article.

With this article we hope to have intrigued you and made you come desire to discover Gravellona Lomellina. Obviously we have not told you everything, we want to surprise you on your own!
We hope that other municipalities take an example from this country. The hope is that the extraordinary heritage of Italy and his incredible creativity should not be lost and people start to appreciate places that are a little less "famous"!

entrance to the mill park paintings

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